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Implementation support

Quality stakeholders

At SIGM, our employees are both skilled and dedicated. Rest assured they will do their best to meet your expectations and make your project a success.

Team work

At SIGM, we work as team for every one of our projects. The resulting synergy promotes the best of individual talents and makes every project exciting. The implementation team will heartily welcome you and ensure that you are involved in every phase and all decision-making.

Quick response

The SIGM team is available to you the instant you need it. Time is money. We provide quick and impeccable service thereby reducing losses to a minimum both in terms of time and money.

Management of your problems no matter their nature

At SIGM, we support you from start to finish. You have access to support even when your problem is not directly related to SIGM. Solutions will be provided to you as quickly as possible.

An implementation methodology that guarantees results

Our implementation methodology is one of our greatest strengths. Our audit and analysis forms ensure proper initial management while our checklists help to eliminate errors and omissions. From project start-up, budget versus actual-costs monitoring helps to ensure that the project stays on the right track.

Improved productivity

An accurate inventory promotes increased efficiency

The inventory consultation screen is a tool that provides an overview of production, purchases and anticipated sales. It lets you clearly view your raw material needs or others at all times and from anywhere in the system.

The purchasing book centralizes, groups together and filters the purchases to make according to various system parameters. It receives requirements from different modules and creates purchase orders automatically.

The detailed SIGM purchase log report lets you know instantly when a supplier has exceeded a projected delivery date. It is possible to measure average delivery time by supplier and by part.

Avoid production errors

With SIGM, you generate your own production documents. You are able to establish detailed work orders and minimize errors.

The generated production calendar document lets you view all projects in progress by work code. You are therefore able to evaluate the workload each station requires.

SIGM suggests generating production labels with barcodes. Every manufactured product and finished product has a label that displays the order number, the item sequence number, the lot number and the client number, among others.

Process your client orders with less effort

With the EDI, Internet and Import/Export options, your client orders can be imported directly through EDI, the Internet or a simple text file.

The “Client Order” module automates your client prices and transportation costs. You no longer need to consult external listings or use your calculator to enter a client’s order.

With our “Client Order” module, it’s easy to generate all shipping documents: packing slips, labels, customs documents and more.

No more time lost identifying shipping and preparing shipping documents for customs.

Respect required delivery dates

The “Inventory Consultation” screen lets you view quantities by part and by date. You can therefore clearly see the status of current and future reservations. This way, you are able to provide a realistic delivery date to your client from the outset.

SIGM lets you immediately reserve material at the time the order is taken. This ensures that once the material is promised to the client, it won’t be allocated elsewhere, or worse, promised to another client.

On the other hand, SIGM will also reserve deferred material while respecting order date priorities. There is no better way to secure an enviable reputation in your sector.

With SIGM, a packing slip is printed only if the material is reserved. It then becomes a packing slip that must be processed immediately.

The non-delivered order report lets you quickly view all pending orders in the system.

Avoid shipping errors

Shippers are the heart of your shipping department. They must have access to order and client information to properly do their work and avoid errors and delays.

Our “Shipping Book” lets you view all pending shipments sorted by shipping date. In addition, with a simple click, you have access to all of the information on the order. Your shipping efficiency is increased five-fold.

Our “Shipping Book” includes a function that lets you scan items related to the order. You will avoid costly merchandise returns and many client frustrations.

Whether it’s with fixed inventory locations or with our “Multi-Locations” module on a portable wireless device, it’s possible to indicate on each order where to pick up the material. Once again, the efficiency of processing shipments is only increased.

All shipping documents in our “Client Order” module are accessible throughout the “Shipping Book”. It’s easy to generate all documents for shipping: packing slips, labels, customs and more.

Good Business Practices

Let your financial statements do the talking

In order to produce sound financial statements, it is important to thoroughly evaluate the work in progress at the end of every month.

SIGM evaluates in a gradual fashion your work in progress and your actual data. You can then have complete confidence in your financial statements, which are highly accurate.

Evaluating variations in inventory is essential for generating accurate and reliable financial statements. SIGM records these flows; you can view them in detail at any given time, in addition to accurately validating the value of your inventory. As a result, your financial statements are more precise. SIGM generates and provides all accounting entries when you use the cost of goods sold (COGS) method instead of the inventory variation method.

Your financial statements reach a level of absolute precision, reflecting your profitability more accurately.  You are thus able to better understand and interpret the reasons for this profitability.

Manage your production costs

The “Productivity” module is an exceptional tool that automatically generates estimated and actual financial statements for each product. Even overhead is taken into account. You are able to know your exact ROI for each project. You can also evaluate which projects produce the greatest return. Productivity analysis reports summarize the estimated and actual time of your activities by product line. It is therefore very easy to identify non-productive product lines and operations that must be taken into account. You are more productive and therefore more competitive.

The “Data Acquisition” and “Dashboard” modules systematically measure operations performed by your employees. These modules enable you to identify shortcomings in employee activities. You can therefore quickly see where time is being wasted and subsequently harming your productivity.

Customize your software

Today, IT systems are an integral part of daily operations. The majority of SMB employees spend their days in front of a computer screen.

Is this really productive? Does it add value to your product and to your client?

In order to distinguish your company, you must provide better service at a lower cost than your competitors. Having a software that is more efficient and better adapted to your needs becomes a powerful tool that will give you that competitive edge.
Today, IT changes much too quickly for you to finance the complete development of your application.

Conversely, a generic software that does not offer the option for customization will get you nowhere.

Do you really think that not investing in IT will make you the leader in your sector?  Let’s be serious! Sitting idly by is the worst you can do.

Companies that achieve good profit margins do so because they invest, year after year, in optimizing support tasks. They perform the same tasks as you, but much more efficiently. They invest 1% to 2% of their turnover in IT.

Remember that an employee using Excel generates a recurrent cost whereas an automated function within a software does not.
In software development, surpassing costs and deadlines is common.  Calculate the return on investment (ROI) of all functionalities you wish to develop and compare it to the development cost. If your ROI is achieved in less than a year, don’t hesitate! This one small business decision will produce substantial returns in the years to come!

Software Development

An integrated software that uses only the best features

We aren’t reinventing the wheel; we’re rolling with it! Whether it’s PostgreSQL, Excel, Crystal Report or Acomba, we use only the best technologies and integrate them fully into our software. You therefore benefit from the best tools available on the market in one single software: SIGM.

A software that is extensive

You’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg! Our software is replete with fully integrated functionalities. More than 30 modules and hundreds of customizable parameters at your fingertips. When you use it, you will greatly appreciate the effort we put into all the little details that make all the difference.

A software that is impeccable

SIGM follows CMMI IT quality standards for its software development. The SIGM-CMMI development methodology was recognized at the prestigious IWSM/Metrikon 2006 conference. This ensures the highest standards of quality from design to production. Rigorously enforcing these standards ensures the creation and maintenance of a stable and high-quality product.

A software that is flexible

Our software is completely modular and every module is configurable allowing for your specific needs to be met. Customization is performed when needed while maintaining the collective, individual and distinct characteristics of the software for the SIGM community.

A software that is open-source

We want your company to spread its wings and grow using our software. As a result, you can freely access precious information contained in SIGM data and report formats.

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