Our Team

Based on the company philosophy PVA-TIC-WIF, the SIGM team is devoted and animated by a desire to listen, to support and to supervise its clientele. A team of expert and seasoned integrator-trainers and project managers, well-versed in both the manufacturing and distribution sectors, will be there to advise you and to increase your productivity. A team of programmers working on the robustness and the evolution of the software. And finally, consulting, sales and marketing teams, dedicated to the growth of your company and the well-being of its current clientele.

This is the SIGM team!

“Integrity is in our DNA, which allows to gain the trust of our clients and colleagues.”

Yannik Boivin

Integrator-trainer | Ext. 225


“Those that have had the CHANCE to work with me know that I am first and foremost TIC. Transparency, integrity and courage are part of my daily life!”

Frédéric Binette

Project manager | Ext. 229


“Human beings are by nature afraid of change but change is essential if we want to improve things. The quality of my support will help you rise above challenges and see the positives in your path, one step at a time.”

Mélanie Caron

Integrator-trainer | Ext. 227


“Proud member of the competent and devoted SIGM team; supporting their clients for more than 20 years.”

Robert Ross

Senior Programmer-analyst | Ext. 221


“Personally, I am very WIF. I always try to innovate and to provoke a “wow” feeling in my clients and my employees. In summary, I always try to have fun in my work and my company!”

Daniel Murray

President | Ext. 223


“The support of my clients is an essential value for me. Always there to listen, I am an involved partner and I always take my projects to heart!”

Amélie Grignon

Project manager | Ext. 224


“Being a perfectionist by nature, I leave nothing to chance by assuring that our software reaches the highest quality standards. However, I am still sensitive to the V in PVA to ensure that my efforts provide a maximum of value for our clients.”

Sophie Des Roberts

Senior Programmer-analyst | Ext. 232


“I am the F in WIF because I provide the fun at SIGM.”

Karine Mansour

Accountant | Ext. 230


“Your integration challenges are our daily life. Your implementation success is our satisfaction. Working together for your success is our ‘leitmotiv’.”

Pierre Gauthier

Project manager | Ext. 222


“In order to win the respect of a client, you have to know how to innovate and provide the WOW effect in each and every one of them!”

Félix Lépine

Business development | Ext. 231


“I am there for customers, so that technology works at the service of humans and not the verse. The correct use of it tools enables all company functions to facilitate business processes. My goal is for this to be achieved without stress and with WIF. »

Christophe Garcia

Technical support | Ext. 234