1 June 2021

Big announcement at SIGM

With a growth rate that makes us a booming Quebec PMB, we are proud to announce the creation of the SIGM User Comity. The goal of the SIGM User Comity will be to identify and suggest axes of improvements for the SIGM software within the next year.

This SIGM User Comity will have the power to decide the priority with which these different improvements will be implemented within a budget defined by SIGM. The SIGM User Comity will represent the mosaic of SIGM clients. It will be equally representative of our clients in the distribution and fabrication sectors as well as our clients in different activity sectors and business processes.

You will be able to join the SIGM User Comity by invitation only. It will be launched in June, where we plan on having the first meeting with the chosen clients. After the discussions, there will be a vote on which improvements should be implemented and sent to programming.

These programming projects will be taken in charge by SIGM for all our clients. The SIGM User Comity will initially be given a budget of 250 hours for 2021, in addition to all improvements, modifications and optimizations already done by our team.

Follow our social media to follow the unfolding of the SIGM User Comity!


The director.