4.1. Implementation support

Quality stakeholders
Our employees are both skilled and dedicated. Rest assured they will do their best to meet your expectations and make your project a success. They are all highly experienced in manufacturing and distribution and know our application inside out.

Team work
At SIGM, we work as team for every one of our projects. The resulting synergy promotes the best of individual talents and makes every project exciting. The implementation team will heartily welcome you and ensure that you are involved in every phase and all decision-making.

Quick response
The SIGM team is available to you the instant you need it. Time is money. We provide quick and impeccable service thereby reducing to a minimum losses in terms of both time and money.

Management of your problems no matter their nature
At SIGM, we support you from start to finish. You have access to support even when your problem is not directly related to SIGM. Solutions will be provided to you as quickly as possible.

An implementation methodology that guarantees results
Our implementation methodology is one of our greatest strenghths. Every phase of implementation is clearly defined. Our audit and analysis forms ensure proper initial management while our checklists help to eliminate errors and omissions. From project start-up, budget versus actual monitoring helps to ensure that the project stays on the right track.