4.2. Software development

A software that is extensive
You’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg ! Our software is replete with fully integrated functionalities. When you use it, you will greatly appreciate the effort we put into all the little details that make all the difference.

A software that is impeccable
SIGM follows CMMI IT quality standards for its software development. The SIGM-CMMI development methodology was recognized at the prestigious IWSM/Metrikon 2006 congress. This ensures the highest standards of quality from design to production. Rigorously enforcing these standards ensures the creation and maintenance of a stable and high-quality product.

An integrated software that uses only the best features
We aren’t reinventing the wheel, we’re rolling with it ! Whether it’s PostGreSQL, Excel, Crystal Report or Acomba, we use only the best technologies and integrate them fully into our software. You therefore benefit from the best tools available on the market in one single software : SIGM.

A software that is flexible
Our software is completely modular and every module is configurable allowing for your specific needs to be met. Customization is performed when needed while maintaining the collective, individual and distinct characteristics of the software for the SIGM community.

A software that is open-source
We want your company to spread its wings and grow using our software. As a result, you can freely access precious information contained in SIGM data and report formats.