4.3. Improved productivity

An accurate inventory promotes increased efficiency

Are you regularly short on raw materials ?
The ”SIGM-Inventory Consultation” screen is a tool that provides an overview of production, purchases and anticipated sales. It lets you clearly view your raw material needs or others at all times and from anywhere in the system. You greatly minimize the risk of unintentional oversights (B.O.).

Does it take you forever to search for what you need to purchase ?
The “SIGM-Purchasing Book” centralizes, groups together and filters the purchases to make according to various system parameters. It receives requirements from different modules and creates purchase orders automatically. In addition, it lets you quickly verify the status of your needs and minimum quantities in raw material for any given date. No more time wasted searching for products you need to purchase.

Your suppliers don’t respect delivery deadlines ?
A detailed purchase log report lets you know instantly when a supplier has exceeded a projected delivery date. It is possible to measure average delivery time by supplier and by part. You therefore know what is happening with your deliveries and whether your suppliers are meeting their commitments.

Avoid production errors

How do you avoid production errors ?
With SIGM, you generate your own production documents. You are able to establish detailed work orders and minimize errors. By commiting less errors, you reduce production costs and increase client satisfaction.

How do you manage your production calendars ?
The generated production calendar document lets you view all projects in progress by work code. You are therefore able to evaluate the workload each station requires and align your project schedule wth production capacities.

How much time is wasted monitoring or even locating order items ?
SIGM suggests generating production labels with barcodes. Every manufactured product and finished product has a label that displays the order number, the item sequence number, the lot number and the client number, among others. The time spent tracking items in production is reduced to a minimum and tracking your client orders is facilitated.

Process your client orders with less effort

Automating client orders data entry
With the “SIGM-EDI”, “SIGM-Internet” and “SIGM-Import” options, your client orders can be imported directly through EDI, the Internet or a simple text file. No more data entry ! You save time and avoid errrors !

Simplify client orders data entry
The “SIGM-Client Order” module automates your client prices and transportation costs. You no longer need to consult external listings or use your calculator to enter a client’s order. More orders entered in less time with fewer errors !  Production at its best !

Easily generate your shipping documents
With our “SIGM-Client Order” module, it’s easy to generate all shipping documents : packing slips, labels, customs documents, …  No more time lost identifying shipping and preparing shipping documents for customs.

Respect required delivery dates

Does your shipping software amounts to a pile of packing slips that must be sorted daily to know when and what to ship. Does customer service mainly consists of answering calls concerning order statuses. If these are the case, you are at the mercy of countless errors and frustrations. Best practice for customer service entails “Taking the client’s order and providing a delivery date” and should be a formal commitment.

Provide a realistic date from the outset
The “SIGM-Inventory Consultation” screen lets you view quantities by part and by date. You can therefore clearly see the status of current and future reservations. This way, you are able to provide a realistic delivery date to your client from the outset.

Reserve material as soon as it is promised to the client
SIGM lets you immediately reserve material at the time the order is taken. This ensures that once the material is promised to the client, it won’t be allocated elsewhere, or worse, promised to another client. On the other hand, SIGM will also reserve deferred material while respecting order date priorities. Two ways to ensure that material is allocated to clients as promised. There is no better way to secure an enviable reputation in your sector.

Print packing slips to be shipped only
With SIGM, a packing slip is printed only if the material is reserved. It then becomes a packing slip that must be processed immediately. That way, it is much easier to control shipments. A shipment that is on time guarantees a happy and satisfied client.

Regularly verify orders that are not-delivered and on backorder
The non-delivered order report lets you quickly view all pending orders in the system. It is then very easy to identify orders that are delayed before they become a problem. This ensures that you act proactively thus saving your client from accumulated frustrations. That’s what we call customer service !

Avoid shipping errors

Shippers are the heart of your shipping department. They must have access to order and client information to properly do their work and avoid errors and delays. Too often, they have access to only a simple packing slip on paper with partial information. When this is the case, it is difficult to be efficient and avoid errors.

Have a clear view of all pending shipments
Our “SIGM-Shipping Book” lets you view all pending shipments sorted by shipping date. In addition, with a simple click, you have access to all of the information on the order. There is no clearer way to view the order’s priority and avoid errors. Your shipping efficiency is increased five-fold.

Use barcodes to validate what must be shipped
Our “SIGM-Shipping Book” includes a function that lets you scan items related to the order. The system will validate that the right items and quantities are being shipped. You will avoid costly merchandise returns and many client frustrations.

Clearly indicate the location of material
Whether its with fixed inventory locations or with our “SIGM-Multi-Locations” module on a portable wireless device, it’s possible to indicate on each order where to pick up the material. Picking up an order no longer means having to have detailed knowledge of the warehouse. Once again, the efficiency of processing shipments is only increased.

Easily generate your shipping documents
All shipping documents in our “SIGM-Client Order” module are accessible throughout the “SIGM-Shipping Book”. It’s easy to generate all documents for shipping : packing slips, labels, customs, … No more time wasted identifying shipments and preparing shipping documents for customs.