Our history defines us and allows us to continue to build an image of reliability, evolution and transparency.

Our History

SIGM, already 25 years!

SIGM software are officially created in 1996. However, the foundations of the company were laid at the end of the 1980s. Named Groupe Informatique Interlog at first, it used to specialize in the resale of the Fortune 1000 accounting software, forefather to ACOMBA, as well as the resale of computer and IT equipment and services.

At the start of the 1990s, SIGM takes form by working on developing many manufacturing and distribution management modules. After being incorporated in 1996, SIGM settles in a new economy crossroads in order to devote its time on research and development.

With the advent of the year 2000, SIGM develops its first Windows modules and is integrated within SQL technologies.

The different modules available today will be developed one by one. Features such as document management, integration of Crystal reports, wireless technologies, Excel imports and the integration of transporter systems will also be implemented.

SIGM’s position within many Quebec industries will consolidate as of 2000 through 2010. A steady growth will lead its team to a second move towards larger offices.

Today, hundreds of clients have joined SIGM and are entirely satisfied with the implementation of the software within their work environment. Its success rate is much higher than the competition, according to many comparable statistics.

In 2021, SIGM will celebrate 25 years of excellence. A new and improved version from a technological standpoint, will see the light and SIGM’s evolution will continue!