For our peers, TIC means Information Technology and Communications. For us it’s the same but it’s also:

  • Always be TRANSPARENT, clear and precise with your clients and between ourselves.

  • Have INTEGRITY. More than honesty, we always give our clients the full picture whether it’s good or bad

  • Have COURAGE and say things as they are without detours.

Think PVA

For our clients PVA means Value-added production. It’s a very important principle that allows them to be productive in all things. It’s the same for us but it’s also:

  • Be PROACTIVE, to anticipate situations and our client’s needs.

  • Provide VALUE to our clients, to our software, our company and our employees.

  • ACCOMPANIMENT of our clients every step of the way, in order for them to know that we are always there for them.

Have WIF

Neither for our peers, nor for our clients does WIF stand for anything. It is fully ours, it’s our uniqueness, it’s what defines us, it’s the fun we have together discussing, sharing and becoming better.

  • The WOW effect is doing things differently, it’s the search for that which surprises and amazes. It’s a great experience. Wow!

  • INNOVATION is always being on the lookout for better ways of doing things, new functionalities for our software and always improving.

  • FUN is primordial in work and in all things 🙂 Simply.

We are SIGM

For SIGM, mission-vision-value isn’t a simple statement like every company preaches; it’s in our DNA. Each member of the SIGM team understands and uses it for each of his or her interactions with a client or a colleague.


SIGM is an IT services company that specializes in the development and implementation of an integrated management system (IMS) for manufacturing (MRP/ERP) and distribution companies.

Our clients are SMBs operating in many different sectors; from agri-food to metal, from plastic to companies specializing in the distribution of many different products.

SIGM’s goal is to make our clients more productive and efficient through automated management of their business processes, better management of labour and procurement, and by customized access to strategic information.


We desire to become leaders in the quality of service that we offer to Canadian SMBs by increasing their productivity while absorbing their growth with the help of our platform – but mainly thanks to the solid SIGM team at their side.

By improving the competency of our workforce through training, support and personal development, we will also be called upon to grow, to push our boundaries and to widen our product and service lines.

Our consulting services and approach are guided by return on investment (ROI) concepts and value-added production (VAP).

All this in order for our clients themselves to be more competent and more competitive.


We are committed to being a loyal, honest and devoted business partner. We make all the necessary effort to develop software that is compliant with the highest standards of quality and fully meets our clients’ needs.

In summary, we aim for excellence based on teamwork and on the pride and competence of our team members. Every member strives to be productive, to share their ideas, and to constantly upgrade their skills through continuous training.